Pita bread
 Pita bread with sesame seeds
Focaccia bread

Samosa stuffed with Vegetables, chicken or mutton.

Cheese Filo straws

Filo Pastry straws stuffed with 3 different kind of cheese served with pesto dip.

Filo Tartlets

Filo tartlets with smoked salmon cracked pepper and lime

Smoked salmon Platter

A selection of Tasty little mouthful smoked salmon hors d’oeuvres
Served with crème fraiche
dill and chives.

Red Lentil Soup

 The famous, spicy, pureed red lentil soup is made with onion, carrots, celery, tomatoes, garlic with cumin & coriander, Served with roasted bread.

Crème of Wild Mushroom Soup

Clear Risoni Soup

Our delicious clear soup with risoni pasta


Yogurt with cucumber and mint
Babaghanoug (eggplant dip)

Venue Hire, Event design & Decor
Special or Private Functions
Event design & Decor
Kids Parties
Function & Party Hire
Corporate Events
Gifts, Photography, Flowers, Entertainment

Green Garden Salad

Tomatoes, cucumber, Lettuce, parsley, coriander & mint leaves seasoned with olive oil, pepper.


Toasted fried pieces of Pita bread with mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, Lettuce and more according to season availability seasoned with olive oil, pepper and sumac.

Greek salad

Cherry tomatoes, cucumber and sliced onion mixed with feta cheese and black olives seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Caesar salad

Crisp romaine lettuce, shredded Parmesan and homemade spicy croutons with our classic Caesar dressing.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Grilled chicken filets on a bed of Romaine lettuce topped with parmesan cheese and homemade spicy croutons with our classic Caesar dressing.

Rocka Salad

Rocket leaves topped with sliced mushrooms and parmesan cheese, dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Mushroom Chicken Piccata

Chicken fillet topped with mushroom sauce

Piccata Au Champignon

Beef Fillets topped with mushroom sauce garnished with baby corn and carrots.

Dawood Pasha Meat balls

Our famous lamb or beef meat balls in tomato sauce served with white basmati rice.

Kebab Hala

This traditional Egyptian casserole is made with Beef or lamb cubes cooked with onions and spices on low heat for an extended period of time it melt in your mouth with loads of flavour

Beef Kofta

Grilled spiced ground Beef on skewers

Lamb Kofta

Grilled spiced ground lamb on skewers

Chicken kebabs

Grilled marinated chicken cubes with vegetables & skewers

Meat kebabs

Grilled marinated lamb or beef cubes with vegetables on skewers

Prawn Curry

Creamy Prawn Curry with coconut milk

Masala Prawns

Our delicious Prawns cooked with onion and garlic
can be served chili or mild


Mozambican prawns cooked in garlic and cumin

Turkey with nutty basmati rice

Our Famous rousted turkey served on a bed of basmati rice and roasted nuts

Roasted vegetables
Selection of seasonal roasted vegetables


Fried eggplant cooked in tomato sauce served with a layer of ground beef or lamb topped with white béchamel sauce.

Vegetarian Moussaka

Eggplant cooked in tomato sauce topped with white béchamel sauce and Mozzarella cheese.

Mediterranean Pena Pastitsio

A Mediterranean dish made of Pena pasta with a layer of ground beef or lamb filling topped with creamy béchamel sauce & baked to a golden brown.


Layers of Lasagne Pasta, bolognaise and our delicious béchamel Sauce.

Potato Meat Pockets

Small potatoes stuffed with ground lamb or beef with parcely and coriander leaves
Cooked in tomato sauce.

Vegetarian Tomatoes & Potatoes Pockets

Tomatoes and potatoes stuffed with basmati rice, parsley & coriander leaves.

White basmati rice

Our delicious basmati rice cooked with cardamom, coriander seeds and bay leaves

Curry Basmati rice

Our delicious basmati rice cooked with Masala, curry, cardamom, coriander seeds and bay leaves

Nutty Basmati!!

Fried Basmati rice topped with cashew nuts and raisins, lots and lots of flavour!!


Filo parcels filled with nuts served with chocolate dip

Malva pudding and vanilla custard

Crème Brule

Oven baked custard topped with sugar glaze

Chocolate cake

Our home made chocolate cake served with chocolate sauce and ice cream

Chocolate Brownies

Our delicious brownies served with chocolate sauce

Fruit Kebabs

Fresh seasonal fruits

Cinnamon rolls

Our delicious Cinnamon rolls served with cream cheese sauce

Basbousa - Pudding

A dessert recipe from the land of the Nile. Made with Semolina, coconut & almonds.

Belhana wi alshefa
Bonne appetite

  • R180 per person;1 starter, 1 dip, salad, 1 main course, 1 side dish, 1 dessert
    (Minimum 10 people)

  • R200 per person 2 starters, 2 dips, Soup, 2 salads, 2 main courses, 2 side dishes, 2 dessert, (Minimum 10 people)

  • R220 per person 2 starters with dips, Soup, 3 salads 2 main courses, 3 side dishes, and 3 desserts (Minimum 10 people)

Please contact us for more information.